Walter Calahan

Walter Calahan’s photographic career has taken him under the Atlantic Ocean aboard a US Navy Trident Submarine, down lava tube caves in Idaho, into surgical clinics for Afghan refugees in Pashawar, Pakistan, canoeing the Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and the great northern woods of Canada, being launched off the deck of a US Navy Aircraft Carrier, to children learning to tap dance, as well as the tumult of the Romanian Revolution.

Hundreds of magazines have used his work, including the National Geographic Society, Time, Fortune, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. General Electric, Yamaha, The Washington Performing Art Society, Hillel Foundation, and Harvard Business School have asked him to illustrate their publications and advertisements.

As an adjunct instructor, he teaches photography for Stevenson University and McDaniel College’s art departments, insuring a love for photography in the next generation of image makers.

Walter graduated with honors from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, and earned a Master of Liberal Arts degree from McDaniel College.

He lives outside of Westminster, Maryland with his sculptor wife, Donna McCullough, and lots of critters, some with hooves, others whiskers or wagging tails, and a flock of egg makers.

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  1. “I took the Saturday class on the National Mall (Washington) taught by Walt Calahan. Walt was excellent! He effectively communicated important principles and gave valuable real-time feedback on shots we took onsite. Our area was under a heat advisory, but Walt found us a place to practice shots in the shade. The three hours passed too quickly.

    I look forward to taking more DPA classes. Thanks for the great learning opportunity!”

    – Glen Williams

  2. “I was in Georgetown, Wash DC with our instructor Walter Callahan. Great class….had lots of fun and learned a lot.”

    – Niraj Gupta

  3. “Thank you for teaching the class yesterday. It was a great day for the zoo and I appreciated your time and instruction.

    I am attaching a few photos I took of the class if you want to share them. Not as creative as yours! (There will be a total of three emails.)

    I took 198 photos yesterday and am very pleased with a number of the shots I got!”

    – Susan E. Etter, Esq.

  4. “Thank you, I found it very helpful. I really enjoyed learning more of the backstory behind ISO, apeture/f-stop and shutter, and I really appreciated your demonstrations of how they work together. You have a great way of explaining these complex topics that really cleared it up for me.”

    – James Anderson

  5. “I attached 2 pictures that I took during the Georgetown, Washington, DC class on Saturday. Hope they are interesting!Will Calahan was really open to giving feedback and asking questions and explained some photography principles in a way that helped to retain the information.”

    – Carla

  6. fisher
    June 13, 2014

    “I very much enjoyed the class with Walt at the Capitol on Sunday morning. He is a natural and engaging teacher and was performing impressive feats of (photographic) strength with modest equipment during the session–very inspiring. I may try to to take the class again in an evening session after summer–the low light period evaporated shortly after our session commenced, unfortunately.

    While I enjoyed the class and Walt, I think I would have profited from a class at a somewhat more advanced skill level or that afforded more one-on-one or intense instruction. I am a somewhat experienced amateur photographer (came up on film with 35mm SLRs) on the lookout for insights into capturing dramatic light and color, and also strategies for capturing industrial, architectural, and transportation subjects. Does DPA offer anything like that? ”

    thanks for reaching out


  7. fisher
    June 13, 2014

    “I enjoyed the class. We’re in the throes of finals and completing school so I will get back to this next week. Great attachment! I can use this in Yearbook class, can’t I?”

  8. Tariq
    June 6, 2016

    ” I attended today’s session with Walt. He was really good and helpful in getting us a good understanding of the Photography composition fundamentals.


  9. Ransom Jackson
    September 28, 2017

    “Awesome class the best!. Learned so much. Looking forward to learning much more. I’ll be sending pics soon. Thanks so much. Excellent program for all levels of photography.”


  10. Brenda Pomar
    September 28, 2017

    “Walt was great! Very nice workshop.”


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