Trevor Johnson

trevor_johnson_profileOne shot with his quaker-oats-box-turned-pinhole camera and he was hooked. Trevor’s passion for photography started in his high school darkroom and continued to flourish when photography became a major part of his liberal arts college experience. Now, he has a passion for creating dynamic images of people: dancers, actors, environmental portraiture.

Having studied both dance and acting in college, he approaches these subjects with a familiar eye. He has done work for dance companies based in Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC. Additionally, he has done significant work for schools like Beloit College — creating striking images for magazine feature stories, admissions publications, and website profiles.

With a creative process that emphasizes on-location shooting, Trevor has a flexible and interactive style that lends itself well to working with others. Collaboration is central to his work, and teaching is a natural extension of his people-oriented personality. His enthusiasm for photography is contagious!

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