Theo Welling caught the photo bug as a teen when he was appointed the designated photographer during family vacations in Florida as well as weekend jaunts along the rivers of Missouri. It stuck and Theo went on to earn a college degree in photography from Webster University. He kept going and in fact, now as a local hero in the St. Louis community, you might already know his name and photos from his weekly column found as the lead in the weekend magazine for the Riverfront Times, a portrait of a local accompanied by a caption emanating from the chat while the portrait is being made. Recently Theo was the focus of a solo exhibition at The Darkroom, the St. Louis premiere art gallery that blends the arts with music, cuisine and distilled spirits all within a salon ambience to inspire conversations amongst artists, intellectuals and local literati. http://www.thedarkroomstl.com/theo-welling-portraits/

Thanks for Wellings high demand among a variety of media, corporations, universities and nonprofits, he makes a good living with his camera. Some of his clients include, United Way St. Louis, Guardian Weekend Magazine, USA Today, The Moth Radio Hour, Global Assignments by Getty Images, Turner Broadcasting System, The Kresge Foundation, Webster University, Washington University, Blue Stingray Digital Agency, Riverfront Times-Village Voice Media, Calabro Music Media, St. Louis Art Fair-Cultural Festivals, What’s Up Magazine, Managed Healthcare Magazine, Eleven Magazine and many others.

However, Theo finds time to maintain the time, energy and effort for his true passion, making compelling portraits that transcend the ubiquitous snapshots found on cell phones, social media pages and websites. Theo creates images of strangers that bring their inner soul to the attention of the viewer of his images in an uncanny way. Says Welling about his shooting philosophy:

“A photograph starts with people and moves it’s way out to other things. The first photographer I learned about was Diane Arbus and her images were burned into my brain ever since. I think about her every time I take photos. She was driven by some force as I feel like I am too and she loved people and I do as well.”

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