Scott Teven

Photographer Scott TevenFor 25 years Scott Teven has been taking photographs of Texas. That is a big subject but his earliest experience was even bigger. With a father in the Foreign Service, he lived in Africa, Greece and the Philippines, documenting his travels with a Kodak Instamatic camera. “Foreign cultures inspired me and I loved recording all the exotic sights,” Teven says. He began his formal study of photography as part of a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin.

Scott Teven launched his commercial photography career after he moved to Houston. With a fresh vision, he observed and photographed the city in depth, refining his talents and skills while creating an impressive collection of regional photography. As a Texas photographer he regularly travels around the state to capture the distinctive regional architecture, historic landmarks, landscapes, lifestyle and regional culture.

Photo Houston is a diverse collection of Texas photographs that characterize the Lone Star State. From scenic Texas landscapes to dazzling city skylines, our picturesque photography captures the breathtaking beauty and diversity of Texas.

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  1. “Though we were dealing with much rain, we still got in a good shoot. Just to let you know, Scott Teven did a great job with what he had to work with. Since the rain presented some problems he did allow us to ask a few technical questions that had nothing to do with composition (but did of course have a geat impact on how a picture would appear) and his explanations to our questions were very informative as well as easy to understand. Thanks for offering a good class, even in spite of the weather trying to ruin it!”

    – Penny Mayes-Gregg

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