Ronald Leon Hale

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Ronald Leon Hale is a professional photographer, director of photography, and creative director.

Ronald’s first camera was a point and shoot film camera he won as a prize in a class fundraiser in seventh grade. He immediately took an interest in the image making process. As a kid he used to set up portrait sessions in the back yard with frogs and turtles which he found around the farm where he grew up. His dad, having an interest in photography himself, recognized Ronald’s developing passion for the photographic medium and encouraged him to get his first SLR when he started high school.

Ronald studied photography at Lansing Community College and ever since has committed himself to the ongoing process of learning and expanding his skills. Being self-taught in all of the latest techniques, editing, and auteur styles, Ronald seeks to capture the majestic and sometimes haunting beauty of the world around him.

Ronald has freelanced throughout the Midwest region, photographing local celebrities, national and international fashion campaigns, film productions, and captivating portraits for professionals and individuals. With his camera always on-hand, Ronald not only does freelance work, but engages in fine art, journalism, digital manipulation, and transmedia creative projects. Collaboration has always been the key to his success, and through synthesizing visions, he has become a well-known indie photographer on the Chicago scene.

Ronald teaches group classes and individuals, offering instruction on both camera technique and software. Ronald exhibits passion in all that he does, and connects with others who are unique, electric, and hungry to create.

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  1. Melinda
    January 19, 2016

    “Very pleased; Ron is a good instructor.
    Feeling more confident that pix from The Great White continent will be fine.
    Thank you.”


  2. Carina Yepez
    February 2, 2016

    “…I really learned a lot of useful tips. I would love to take another class at some point. “

  3. Peter Bukowski
    April 1, 2016

    “I enjoyed the day and put several images on the Facebook page.”

    -Peter Bukowski

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