Robert Shimer

Photographer Robert Shimer 01The structure of things has always been a passion of mine. Be it in a nature, architecture, or mechanical devices. Early in my career I was fortunate to be hired by the famous architectural photography studio of Hedrich Blessing. While there I learned much by working with a group of talented artists willing to share their love of things architectural and the ways to best capture the essence of objects with a camera. They nurtured an interest in architecture that continues to this day. During my years at the studio I had the opportunity to photograph many subjects: commercial and residential architecture, residential and commercial furnishings, and architectural building products. My favorite experience there was the opportunity to work with a talented architect, who was at the beginning unknown to the design community, from Oklahoma City who passionately wanted to bring art and design to his community and garner world wide attention for his home town. I had to opportunity to help him receive world wide recognition for his work. My work with Rand Elliott has been published in Architectural Record, Interiors, and in various magazines and books world wide. He has won numerous AIA and other awards for his work and is now world recognized for his continuing effort to bring excellence to his community and beyond.

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  1. Wow! Superb architecture photography! Interesting perspective and composition.

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