Robert Adler

Photographer Bob AdlerOn assignment. That’s how Bob Adler has been photographing so many of our country’s most interesting people since 1984. Taking pictures of high-level executives for clients such as Visa Inc.,  Oracle Corporation,Siny Entertainment, Scholastic Publishing, Genentech and Kaiser Permanente, his work has been seen in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Profit, Oracle Magazine, People, PR Week, and many more.

His subjects range from many walks of life; celebrities, athletes, business leaders, and entertainers, bikers, prostitutes and street people. Whether he’s shooting a business leader like Visa Inc.’s CEO, Joe Saunders, or an outlaw like Hell’s Angels founder, Sonny Barger, his camera finds a way to reveal the common humanity we all share.

Bob’s photographs have been exhibited in galleries both in the US and internationally. Additionally, photographs from his documentary series Burlesque ( are in the permanent collection of the Philadephia Museum of Art.

He currently serves as Co-President of the Northern California chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), is a member of Editorial Photographers (EP), and is the founder of the online image delivery tool,

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