Rachel Snydstrup

Rachel Snydstrup has been a passionate photographer since her teen years when she would hop on her bike and ride miles outside of Kingston, her place of birth, to photograph landscapes. Often she would rise in the early morning hours to catch sunrise shoots, one of her favorite categories along with sunset images. She continued her pursuit of photography through her adult years and inevitably won a number of photo awards and has been exhibited throughout the Hudson Valley. You might be familiar with Rachel’s byline since it is often seen in the Mid-Hudson Record, as the monthly winner of best photo and once year, the photographer of the year.
Rachel took time out to raise two children but returned to her focus on photography after the children were older. In fact, after a divorce, photography because a coping mechanism to deal with the change in her life. She has come through the transition with compelling images as shown in her slide show on this page. With a focus on Hudson Valley landscape photos, Snydstrup has branched out in to long exposure night time photography, traveling down to NYC and capturing the nighttime skyline, sometimes from across the river with a NJ vantage point. In addition to long exposure photography, Rachel also has become an expert at HDR photography.
Some of her favorite Hudson Valley photo ops can be found at Port Ewing Beach, Rotary Park, Kaaterskill Falls, Hudson Athens Lighthouse, Mid-Hudson Bridge, most of the Old Mansions once owned by noted industrialists
You can find Rachel’s byline in the Times Record, and her work is on display at the Hudson Maritime Museum, gigantic murals of her photos at the Hudson Valley Mall, as shown in her headshot above. Syndstrups work has appeared at the Albany Airport as well as other solo and group exhibitions throughout the year.

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