Phil Kramer

Photographer Phil KramerFrom an early age Phil was fascinated with taking pictures. This prompted his mother to buy him his very first real camera at the age of seven. He hasn’t put a camera down since. However; he may never have become a professional photographer if it were not for some very special events that occurred later in his life.

In 1981, he was selected to be a cast member of the movie Taps. Having this role gave him the opportunity to meet and photograph some of Hollywood’s most talented stars.

Award-winning cinematographer, Owen Roizman, A.S.C., showed an unusual interest in Phil’s candids taken during the many months of shooting the film. Remarking that Phil had “a nice eye” and that his photographs showed “great composition,” Owen urged him to seriously consider pursuing photography as a profession. Inspired by these comments, Phil enrolled in the prestigious Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in Philadelphia soon after the movie was completed.

An entrepreneur at heart, in 1987 at the age of 24 he opened Phil Kramer Photographers, Inc., now one of the most prominent full service photography studios in the country.

He has photographed many celebrities including Elton Jon, Bryan Adams, Kevin Bacon, Mark Wahlberg, Jay Leno, Jon Bon Jovi, Patti La Belle, Leon Spinks and Bobby Flay.

His images have appeared in numerous Fashion, Lifestyle and Bridal magazines such as Time, Life, Town & Country, Elle, Fusion, Philadelphia Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Grace Ormonde, Brides, Modern Bride, The Knot, Elegant Bride, Wedding Pages, My Wedding and Philadelphia Weddings. His work has been featured in The Best of Wedding Photography (Amherst Media) featuring the top six photographers in the country. It is Phil’s image that graces the cover. Most recently, the editors of The Knot turned to Phil for the cover shot of their latest hardcover book The Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World (Doubleday Broadway Publishing).

Phil’s impressive creativity and artful technique have earned him a myriad of awards.

He has received the coveted Kodak Gallery Award, a national award presented to photographers who are leaders in their field. In 1999, Phil Kramer was voted “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine and remains the only Photographer to ever hold that title.

The Art and Fashion Group International awarded him their highest honor – Master of the Craft. The editor’s of Modern Bride and Bride’s Magazine have acknowledged Phil as one of the top Wedding and Special Events photographers in the nation.

Phil is a member in good standing of The Professional Photographers of America (PPA), The Wedding And Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) and The Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).

He strives to make each client feel at ease and comfortable while capturing unique and timeless imagery. To quote Phil, “There are so many emotions and wonderful moments that occur at every family gathering and special event, small slices of life that shouldn’t be missed.”

Phil is a perfectionist who takes great pride in every job … after all it will be his photographs of your special event that will be passed down from generation to generation. His success reflects not only his hard work and dedication but also an incredible love for life and photography.

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  1. “I really enjoyed the class this past Sunday with Phil Kramer. I learned so much about my camera.”

    – T. Drummond

  2. Student Remarks
    October 16, 2014

    “I was so nervous about taking the course and making the best of what would be taught . When I met Phil, the instructor , he was so nice and calmed me down so I could concentrate and actually learn what he was teaching ! Phil taught at my level and speed . He knows everything about photography and only shared what I was ready to learn , giving extra tips here and there . I am going to be practicing what he taught and when I’m ready , I will return for the next class taught by Phil .

    Thank you Richard, for seeing me through to this point . You have been a great help . And you have a great school . Even though Lambertsville was a trip, it’s a quant town to visit and a great excuse to get out of town !”

    Thanx so much ,
    -Elena Ranieri 🙂

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