Phil Morris

Photographer Paul MorrisSince the early 1980’s, corporations, advertising agencies and publishers across the country have been calling Paul Morris for their photography needs.

Paul created Morphoto Inc. to service his client production needs and is known for his aerial and architecture work for some of the largest and best-known developers in Florida and the US. He is also known for his corporate and advertising work for multi-national corporations, ad agencies and design firms, and his editorial assignments for major publications.

Photographic specialties include:
• Custom aerials, architecture and real estate
• Studio and environmental portraiture
• Corporate and industrial photography
• Business lifestyles
• Real people in everyday situations
• Product photography

Paul actively produces images for stock photo libraries and personal fine art work for print shows and sale. Fine art work can be viewed at and in various private collections and museums around the country.

In his spare (!) time, Paul mentors students and emerging photographers, teaches advanced lighting and business practices at Barry University, and curates and produces fine-art photography and contemporary art exhibitions. He has also mastered the art of print-making and does fine woodworking.

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  1. susy
    July 26, 2016

    I would like to purchase one of your images for a poster for our office. Do you sell them?

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