Patricia Bean PortraitPatricia is a professional photographer and photography instructor living in her native city of San Diego California.  She is currently owner of Expressive Architectural Photography and has partnered with “Adeline Creative” a business that helps professionals in the building trades express their brand story through her photographic services. The Photographic style Patricia has developed is a combination of influences from early photographers known for their pictorial approach defining photography as an art in the early 1900’s. She combines the art from the pictorialists, and the sharp realistic rendering of found objects “un-spoiled” by over manipulation such as the group f.64 so fondly prescribed. “I am of the persuasion that to create either realism or pictorial images we need to understand the technical principles of photography and apply our artistic expressions in a manner that demonstrates a mastery of the craft.” Patricia’s father, Ernest Briscoe he held her to the standards he achieved in his black and white prints through his studies at the L.A. Art Center School in the early 1940’s. The work of Ernest Briscoe was choreographed by Patricia and accepted by the Montana Art Gallery Directors Association, MAGDA. The show titled An Insiders View. Life in Rural Montana 1942.  Dad taught respect for the profession and together we shared a love for the art of photography.  Some of her early Black and White work entitled “The Search for Identity One Woman’s Way” had been juried in for a featured artist show and the individual prints have been exhibited in multiple gallery shows.  Learning the art and technique of studio lighting for catalogue and product work was what she called the basics of providing a great service. Learning to communicate a marketing message, placing emphasis on what her client wants to bring attention to is key to her success. Her portrait work with children gave her the reputation of the “go to” person for artistic and timeless staged and costumed childrens’ art photographs.
She feels it is a privilege to teach camera techniques to students, and loves teaching about the language of light, which is what every photographer needs to learn to really master the visual language of photography.
Client List:
Seat of the Soul Institute Gary Zukav, Rhodes/Fender
Western Promotions, Old Stage Inn Bed and Breakfast,
Magnolia Inn Bed and Breakfast, McCully House Inn Bed
and Breakfast, Bridgeview Winery,
High Country Arts, Heart Print, Endangered Species
Chocolate Company, Earth Rhythms /design for living
furniture, Kids Pantry, Drill Doctor, Nar Trak /Pharmacy
software, Iron Skillet Pear Tree Hotel, Butte Creek Mills
Art Galleries:
•Metalphor Main Street Gallery 5 El Cajon CA.
•Escondido Municipal Gallery “Synthesis Art &
Science June 2009 Escondido CA.
•L Street Gallery “Who Do You Love” 2009 San Diego
•Art Expressions Gallery “Shakers and Movers”
invitation art show Sept. 2008
•Patrick Moore Gallery “Empowered Women”
invitation juried show July 2008 San Diego CA.
•Poway Performing Arts Center “Multiple
Dimensions” Oct. 2006 Poway, CA.
•PhotoArts Group “Deja-View” Sept.2006 Gallery 21
Spanish Village Balboa Park San Diego CA.
•PhotoArts Group “Beyond Words” Juried Art Show
Jan.2007 Adams Ave Gallery San Diego CA.
•PhotoArts Group Art Walk April 2007 Little Italy
San Diego CA.
•Silk Roads Production and the Aubergine
“Femininity” Juried Art Show 2006
•La Jolla Art Association “ Visions in Print Aug. 2006”
•Saint Marks Art Festival Juried Art Show 2007
•Women’s Caucus for Art San Diego Open Book
Juried Art Show 2007
•Upstream People Gallery 9th Annual Faces
International Online Juried Art Exhibition Feb 2007
•Patrick Moore Gallery “Dangerous Art” juried show
2007 San Diego CA.
•ASID Design Magazine 3 issues 2015
•Signature Kitchens & Baths Magazine, Winter 2012
•Coastal Home & Garden Fall/Winter 2011
•First for Women (Bauer Publishing, New York), June
•Homelife Magazine (published by Mail Tribune
Medford OR.), 2005, 2006 freelance photographs of
•Country Inns Bed & Breakfast (National
Publication), June 1994
•Farm & Ranch Living (Reiman Publications) Oct/
Nov 1993
•San Diego Business Woman July 2010
•San Diego Magazine June 2010
•San Diego Home and Garden Magazine October

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  1. jackie Durward
    July 13, 2017

    “Hi Richard,
    I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how much I enjoyed my photo classes on Saturday with Patty. I had a lot to learn-I knew virtually nothing about my camera. Patty broke down the basics in understanding how my camera works- aperture, shutter speed, ISO. We then hit the streets of San Diego challenging me to use what I’d learned in a variety of settings. Patty was friendly, helpful, and encouraging.

    I’m off to Africa and look forward to using my newly acquired skills.
    Happy summer.”

    -Jackie Durward

  2. Lola B.
    October 30, 2017

    “Hi all , great day out with everyone , these are a few pics of mine that I’d like to share .

    -Lola B

  3. Parish Jefferson
    October 30, 2017

    “Prior to working with Patty, I was having trouble getting my camera to focus on the primary subject and eliminating the background noise. Patty was able to quickly help me make adjustments to own my camera and show me how to capture my subject as the primary focal point of the image. This picture is one of the first results of her teaching. I am looking forward to joining Patty again for another class in the field. Thank you, Patty!”


  4. Emily P.
    October 30, 2017

    “Thanks Patty for all your help and guidance! ”


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