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Milton Heiberg Photo: Steve FeingoldMilton Heiberg’s life is similar to the history of photography. At age eight he was given a Brownie Target camera and started making black and white prints in the basement of his home in Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised. He grew up with a camera in his hand. It was usually, but not limited to, 35mm equipment outdoors, and everything else up to an 8×10 view camera in his Manhattan studio where he spent a good part of his adult life. Now, as a complete convert to digital photography and Photoshop, he has covered most of the revolutionary changes in the world of photography.

As a field photographer, Milton was appointed Chief Photographer for several archaeological expeditions in Israel (1972–1979) under the direction of Duke University, University of Texas at Austin, and The Smithsonian Institute. He also created a photographic series on the Methods of Archaeological Excavation for the Archaeological Institute of America. He was a charter member of the International Center of Photography, New York City. He won first prize and best of show in McGraw-Hill’s Annual Art Exhibition.

His undergraduate education in business administration at NYU prepared him to run a successful Studio business in Manhattan’s Photo District. There he did advertising and location photography including covers, promotional and editorial illustration photographic assignments for major ad agencies and publishers such as McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, Time Warner, Penguin, and National Geographic Society.

His education at Cornell Graduate School of Biological Sciences further prepared him for his first love, wildlife photography. Throughout his career as a studio and outdoor photographer he has taught nature photography. He founded the New York City Audubon Society’s photo committee, its annual photo contest, and the Nature Photography course, which he taught until he moved to Florida in 1998. He currently works out of his studio in Orlando, and teaches photography and Photoshop courses at the Crealdé School of Art, in Winter Park, Florida. Most recently, since 2007, he is a faculty member of Digital Photo Academy, teaching all levels of photography and Photoshop courses. He currently serves on the Board of Directors at the Orange Audubon Society and is involved with running their Chertok Photo Contest.

Milton has written seven books and numerous articles on photography. The most recent is The Essentials of Nature Photography, Tern Book Company—a complete handbook of nature photography. He is a frequent presenter and lecturer on wildlife photography, special effects, and general photography. Tens of thousands of his images have been published worldwide.

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  1. “I first would like to thank you again for a great class. You bring so much knowledge, patience and enthusiasm to your classes. You make everyone feel very comfortable and eager to answer all our questions. I have attended two of your classed and both times I was amazed at your generosity of your time and knowledge. Keep me in mind if there are any other classes that you offer. Thank you again.”

    – Lois Fredricks

  2. Thank you SO much for a wonderful class and for taking the extra time to show me the ropes. I’ve learned so much from you and it was a fun class. You have been a great inspiration and I’m looking forward to your advanced class after becoming more comfortable with the camera and Photoshop. In the meantime, I’ll be “practicing, practicing, practicing”. I welcome any recommendations, advice and constructive criticism you may have for us.

    I will complete the questionnaire and participate in the assignment.”

    – Gina Pelligra

  3. “Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Photoshop. Your thorough yet non-intimidating approach was just right. I look forward to getting to know the program better.”

    – Mina Reale

  4. “Thanks for a great class on Saturday. I really enjoyed the class and was able to get a lot out of it. It really helped me in that it introduced me to couple of key topics and then I was able to go home and read more about it in my camera’s manual, as well as your site. I also enjoyed the overview of Photoshop and hope to someday take that class. I’m going to practice for a few months and hope that I will then be able to think about another class. ”

    – Jeff Janssen

  5. “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the classes. I learned a lot and I hope to put it into practice as I take my photos. Your vast knowledge and experience comes through in your instructions. I also appreciated your kindnesses, courtesies, and professionalism. Yours is a course I can, without reservations, recommend to my friends. I will continue to use, explore, and learn from your website. You are truly a gifted photographer and instructor.”

    – Merle Harris

  6. “I really enjoyed last night. I learned some new things and it was also a good review. Hopefully I will join you again for another class. Thanks again.”

    – Alice Shull

  7. “I attended a photography workshop with Milton Heiberg up in Orlando, he was a very nice and technical. The workshop primarily focused on understanding how settings on your camera works, composition and Photoshop post-processing. We had a hour long photo-shoot and a critique at the end.

    It was a lot of fun and very educational. I would highly recommend this particular course to anyone to just bought a DSLR, or if you’ve owned a SLR, and need a refresher. I am anticipating to attend the advanced class later on in the year.”

    – Andrew Li

  8. “Thank you for the photo class! I learned quite a few things from you Monday evening. Am looking forward to reading your book. Again, thank you.”

    – Carole Mitchell

  9. “I really enjoyed your class. You made me look at things a different way.”

    – Jamie “Stix” DeAquair

  10. Wow great wildlife photography! I really like your shots. Really professional. Good contrast and sharpness. Keep up the good work.

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