Mark T. Osler

Photographer Mark OslerMark entered the photojournalism ranks in his 30’s. He earned a second bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Western Kentucky University and had a distinguished 18-year newspaper career that concluded with him managing the photo staff at the Rocky Mountain News as the daily picture editor.

After leaving the Rocky, Mark worked briefly with Denver Post to edit their 2007 Playoff and World Series coverage of the Colorado Rockies into a book. In 2008, he covered the Democratic and Republican conventions for AARP, as well as the historic 2009 Presidential Inauguration, work which earned him two International Pictures of the Year awards. More recently, he took on an assignment for the State of Utah to capture photographs across the state of dinosaur tracks, fossils and tourism sites to promote dino-tourism in the wake of the May 2014 National Geographic article about new dinosaur species being uncovered in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Park. Mark is also growing his travel portfolio, following recent excursions to Australia, Italy and Scotland.

Mark works almost exclusively in natural light. “For the photography I care about most – the images I create in uncontrolled circumstances – I don’t like introducing controlled light, unless there’s absolutely no other way to realize my visual intent. Even then, I don’t want the light I’m introducing to influence the mood or drama of the scene (for better or worse). I want my work to be as organic, authentic and genuine as possible, and adding controlled light diminishes that, in my eyes. That’s not a condemnation of controlled light, it’s just a personal choice based on my personal photographic vision.”

Mark’s style leans heavily towards his photojournalism roots and is largely about people, in one form or another. His images are defined by strong compositions and a sensitivity for moments.

As a photojournalist & picture editor, Mark has been telling stories with still photography for three decades. “Storytelling is the highest, and most demanding, form of visual communication. It’s also the most difficult to do well. Visual storytelling requires a very specific discipline and frame of mind. When it’s done right, there’s nothing more satisfying.”

As an instructor, Mark believes composition is the most important skill a photographer can learn. “I respect the power and value of great light, but not every situation offers the opportunity to photograph in great light. By contrast, every situation allows a photographer to control the graphic and spatial components of a photograph. If you can master composition, you can make at least a good photograph out of any situation.”

Mark is a very hands-on instructor whose goal is to give students a solid foundation from which they can build towards a personal vision. He has been teaching photography in high schools and colleges, in classroom settings and in the field, and at week-long intensive workshops as well as in more accessible half-day classes.

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  1. “Hello, great workshop at Red Rocks today. It was very informative and opened my eyes to “seeing” that gorgeous place in a new way!”

    – Anne Johnstone

  2. “Had a great class on Sunday – really enjoyed the concept of abstract photography! I’ve dabbled with it a bit, but it was great to get some new insight and feedback on what I might be missing, and what I can do to improve. It’d be great to take advantage of another course sometime in the near future”

    – Aldona

  3. Jenna Mahney
    July 22, 2016

    “We had such a great time at Red Rocks! Mark was a wonderful instructor. He gave us so much to think about and take away. The next day I found myself looking at things from a different view. ”

    -Jenna Mahney

  4. Brenda
    July 22, 2016


    Thank you for a wonderful class! You did a spectacular job as our instructor! So dedicated and going the extra mile to be sure we got the best shots and pushed ourselves to become better photographers! I am trying to take many of these DPA classes in Denver. I certainly hope I get the opportunity to have you as an instructor again! I will be out of town for the Chatfield Garden one (sad since I love photographing flowers!!! I’ll watch for the next garden class!) but will hopefully make many if not all of the remaining classes through December!

    Will post a few if worthy on the Facebook page once I have looked through mine!

    Thanks again!”


  5. David Ouimette
    August 5, 2016

    “Mark did a great job with the Red Rocks class. His approach of including “just the facts” when composing an image reflects his strong photo journalist background. I will remember that teaching for a long time to come. It was also fun to be in a nice location with good folks who share an interest in something I enjoy. I recommend Mark to anyone who wants to polish their technique and improve the images they make.”

    -Dave Ouimette

  6. Brenda
    September 8, 2016

    “I was just reviewing my messages, and I found one I had missed from you, regarding a sunrise or sunset photo class. I had requested that the Red Rocks class in Denver (which has already occurred) might be moved from mid day to sunrise or sunset. I have melanoma and cannot be out for hours in the bright mid day sun. So it was not so much that I was wanting a sunset class but that I was not wanting to be out in the bright sun. But also I thought our photos at that spot might be nicer. The class was indeed moved to sunset, and the photos were spectacular!

    Thanks so much for following up!



  7. Steven Martin
    September 23, 2016

    “Thanks Richard. Great class btw. Mark did a superb job.”


  8. Alexis Smith
    September 30, 2016

    “The class was not only informative but it was also fun.”


  9. Donna Feldman
    May 7, 2018

    The class was great. I learned a lot.


  10. Jessica Blackie
    May 7, 2018

    It was great. Thank you! I’m thinking of doing a private class…


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