Kenneth Ross

Ken Ross-HeadshotKen is the current president of the Southeastern Photographic Society ( and is very active in the local photographic community where he frequently leads workshops and outings to help share his passion and love of photography with others. In 2011, in order to be able to dedicate even more time to instructing and mentoring other Atlanta-area photographers, Ken joined forces with long-time friend and fellow photographer Elton Saulsberry to form the F/2 Photo School (

Call Digital Photo Academy at 1 877 372 2231. Lots of people seem to hang up if our welcome recording comes on instead of a live voice, but we promise to return your message within a day or two if you leave one with your name and number.  It would be even better if you included your e mail address as well as the date and city of the class you are considering.  If leaving a voice mail message is not your thing, please email us at or

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  1. “I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the amazing class on this past Saturday at Piedmont Park. I really enjoyed it,and learned a lot of useful techniques for composition and also plenty about my very own camera. It’s amazing the things you ‘think’ you know until you ACTUALLY know.

    I should add that I do plan to join the photog club you gave us info on, and also plan to take another class with (you) DPA in the near future. I’m still quite amateur in the field of photography but aspire to be great one day so I want to soak in as much information and get as much practice as I possibly can. Thanks so much, again! We’ll certainly be in touch.”

    – Josalin

  2. “Great class – presented by a very professional instructor, Ken Ross his name… Learned something? Yes I did…. Weather – very good….. Did I get good photos? Yes I did….Look forward to classes – January and/or February..”

    – J. Gary

  3. “Nice shots! Thanks for a great workshop in the garden. I enjoyed meeting everyone and I certainly learned much during the three hours.

    I’ve also attached a couple of shots from the session, both very similar in nature to Ken’s. I’d love to hear your thoughts.”

    – Ken Masters

  4. “It was a great experience with you during photography session held on last Sunday in Little Five Points. I got a good amount of tips and tricks during the session.

    As we were discussing about photography community in Atlanta meets every month, Can you please provide details and venue of those. I would like to participate and wanted to more into the photography to improve my photography skills.

    Once again thanks for you session and everything!!”

    – Bhaskar Nagendr

  5. Peter Fisher
    November 15, 2014

    “I attended Ken’s composition in the field class on a cold Saturday at the Botanical Gardens here in Atlanta. Ken was there ready to go despite the weather and stayed until he had answered all questions from the students. I have been working on shooting manual instead of automatic and he really helped with tips on the best way to do that.”

    Thanks for the help Ken,

    -Greg McFarland

  6. Rebecca Bozarth
    July 30, 2016

    “I attended a class with photographer Ken Ross a few weeks ago. Ken was a fantastic teacher. We were on location at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. While there, Ken explained depth of field, f stop, aperture, etc. He took time with each student answering all questions, no matter how entry level, with a positive gracious attitude. He was very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed his class. He pushed us to think beyond the norm, and to develop our eye as photographers. He gave us new ways to look at the subject, and helped us expand our creativity. I look forward to taking more classes with Ken in the future.”

    -Rebecca Bozarth

  7. Michelle
    August 5, 2016

    “Hi Ken,

    Great to hear from you, and thanks for the class! I had a good time, and I’ve attached my favorite shots. Any feedback you have would be much appreciated!



  8. Cindy Spicer
    January 31, 2017

    “Wow, Ken, I’m very grateful for the good feedback you sent me on my photos. I never expected you to take the time to tweak them or comment on each one. Thanks so much for the time you invested in our class and for these very helpful suggestions with examples! This is awesome. I’m not confident using brushes in LR, but I will definitely work to that end, now that I have seen the improvements that you applied with brushes. I’ll be researching more about how to apply these effects and then work at practicing in LR.

    AGAIN, many thanks!”

    -Cindy Spicer

  9. Karen Brennan
    August 6, 2018

    “Everything from booking through and including the class was absolutely wonderful.”

    Karen Brennan

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