Joe Mack

Joe has been in the Hudson Valley his entire life. Born in Newburgh, attending school there, and further education at Orange County Community College. He currently lives in Wallkill NY, where he enjoys photographing the local scenery there, specifically the Shawangunk Mountains and Wallkill River. He also loves to take day trips to New York City. Joe has worked in construction most of his adult life working at the United States Military Academy as a Construction Project Manager. He has always loved photography and had his first camera at the age of 5. It has been just in the last 4 years or so has Joe decided to take his art to the next level. He enjoys writing and did most of the interviews and wrote the bios  for the Newburgh Visionaries Project for Safe Harbors of the Hudson for the exhibit at the Ritz Theater Lobby. He is going back to Italy for another photo shoot and you can find his work on Facebook or on his Viewbug page.

Facebook: (that’s his wife’s name, it was originally her page)


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