Today is Tuesday, May 29th – we are almost finished selecting pro photographers for upcoming workshops and it will only be a few days more before they are posted.

We are entering our thirteenth year of providing exciting photo workshops in 24 cities located throughout North America. All of us here at Digital Photo Academy as well as the 100+ teachers around the country who live where they lead the photo workshops are excited to announce specific locales for this date and those remaining throughout each month for the second half of 2018. To allow our photo instructors to create access to the best photo ops we are almost finished with our research. We want to get the timing right, the season right, and everything else so that you can walk away with portfolio-worthy images. As mentioned we have been doing this for 13 years and if you can wait another week or so you will know exactly who will lead this workshop. We hope that you are not too frustrated as you contend with the anticipation with the specific details. Please also feel free to phone us at 1 877 372 2231 and leave a message or, if you like, a live Digital Photo Academy representative is likely to pick up if you dial 917 597 7053.

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