Chris Mooney

Photographer Chris MooneyBorn in Rochester New York, (The home of Kodak), it’s no wonder I became a photographer. My camera has provided me with the opportunity to experience exotic places, meet interesting people and make a living.

My clients cover a wide range of assignments, from shooting the sport of Rugby for Lands’ End catalogs to creating for the University of Arizona Athletic Department. I have recently been able to indulge in my passion for the American Southwest, capturing the vast beauty of the desert and the cowboys that work the remaining working cattle ranches around my hometown of Tucson, Arizona.

I enjoy sharing my passion of photography with others and have taught at Pima Community College, Art Institute of Tucson, and for the Digital Photo Academy of New York.

My internal motivation to capture images comes from my childhood dream of becoming an artist, the camera became my medium. A way to express what I see and, hopefully, add some richness to the social fabric, not as a comment on life, but more as a reflection of how I see the world.

– Instructor of photography at the Art Institute of Tucson
– Over 30 years’ experience as a commercial photographer
– Winner of numerous local and regional photography awards

Recent awards:
*2012 Gold Medal Award, Photography Digitally Enhanced, Tucson Advertising Federation, Client Perimeter Bicyling Association/El Tour de Tucson “The spirit of the west rides on.”
*2012 Judges Choice Award, Book complete design, Tucson Advertising Federation.
Client: Stef Walz and Chris Mooney, “Tucson Spokes.”

Shows: Tomb of Fine Things, Tucson AZ: “Tucson Shapes” April 26th 2013
Art Institute of Tucson: Faculty Art Show, Spring 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
Art Institute of Tucson: “Under the Southwest Sun” November 1st 2013 to Jan. 7th 2014
Golden Eagle Distributors: “Arizona Town’s, Tucson Bars and events” permanent installation, 2006 to present.
Tucson Airport: Selected pieces from “Under the Tucson Sun.” April 1st 2014 to June 1st 2013

Books published: “Tucson Spokes,” a photographic essay about the bicycling community in Tucson Arizona (2011).

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  1. Joyce
    February 8, 2016

    “Hi Chris
    here is a big thank you for a really good, relaxed, learning experience. your
    professional knowledge and love of the craft really transmitted itself to all of
    the group. and of course, we learn from each other.

    metering in the camera was always a mystery for me. and i now understand how to use the
    metering function of my camera, a real boost. i had relied on bracketing which only affects
    ISO and EV. metering in the camera will allow me to set both aperture and shutter speed
    to a creative mode.

    i am inclosing in this email, the photos you took with my camera which show
    me how to frame with this ultra wide lens. and one that i took of the group.”


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