Atlanta Contemporary


You will surely enjoy visiting the Atlanta Contemporary for the vibrant and way out art work and unique installations which  often include a variety of note worthy photography exhibitions. But as someone with a passion for taking photographs this venue is an interesting vehicle for environmental portraiture with its postmodern, raw design concept of high ceilings,  exposed metallic ventilation system, and over sized skylights. Pose your models in way that creates personality and attitude or simply catch people as they are in their own world interacting with each other and the art work on display against walls that vary from intense saturated colors to stark white walls.

Your DPA instructor will demonstrate and supervise techniques and working with natural light that streams in from above. The will also be a number of composition strategies covered such Rule of Thirds to showcase a single work of art without sacrificing the visual context that is enhanced by including other areas of the room that highlight the main subject in a special way. Perhaps you would prefer developing an approach that shows a broader perspective to include a multitude of works on display including free standing installations on the floor as well as other pieces hanging on surrounding walls.

Above all, the Atlanta Contemporary perfectly creates the opportunity to study the many different interpretations of photographing colors and your DPA instructor will demonstrate and supervise many strategies.

535 Means Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


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