Armond Scavo facebook Armond Scavo-Headshot02Armond is a native Philadelphian who grew up in a South Philadelphia Italian neighborhood. Over the years he has lived in various parts of the city; Center City, West Philadelphia, Germantown and Powellton Village. Being able to walk around Philadelphia through parks that William Penn designed; seeing private homes where the first leaders of our country lived; visiting buildings where the revolution was planned and the country founded with eyes opened wide with this awareness is of profound importance to Armond, and a deep source of artistic and personal inspiration. “As I walk around this City of Brotherly Love I sense that I am in a European city with its small alleys and large boulevards that are lined with buildings that have Greek, Roman, French and English influences”. The photographs on Photographs of Philadelphia are part of an ongoing collection of images of those locales that are of historical interest, national importance, and of course the profound beauty of the birthplace of America.

“My attraction to color started at an early age. In elementary school I was exposed to the paintings of the masters, especially the Impressionists, and Thomas Eakins, a Philadelphia Artist. At this same time I started devouring Western movies. These two disparate influences melded into the foundation of my artistic vision. It wasn’t until 1969 that I started using a camera to explore and develop this vision. I consider myself a colorist.”

“The scenes and objects in my art are photographed for the color they embody. Ray K. Metzker, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ernst Haas, and Raghubir Singh are among my major influences. I studied at the Tyler School of Art, The Philadelphia College of Art, the Fleisher Art Memorial, and the Community College of Philadelphia with leading photographers and theorists in the field including Ray K. Metzker, Jack Carnell, Thomas Goodman, Tom Porett, Fred Osborne, and George Krauss.”

A photographer and educator since 1968, Armond Scavo has taught photography and color darkroom technique, as well as developing art education programs for children. Earth Light Images was founded in 1985 to provide greater accessibility to his art. Through Earth Light Images he exhibits and sells his work through art exhibitions and crafts shows nationwide. Armond started taking photographs of Philadelphia early on, but in 2000 with his Rittenhouse Square winter series, He became passionate about photographing both contemporary and historic Philadelphia. In 2009 he created a new website specifically dedicated to photographs of Philadelphia:

Through this website he shares the beauty and character of Philadelphia and the love he has for his hometown. He also shares his thoughts and information about Philadelphia Among the various awards and honors he has received are those from the New Jersey Center For the Visual Arts, The Perkins Art Center, the Mid Atlantic Arts Council, the Chestnut Hill Arts Association, Central Pennsylvania of the Arts , Armonk Arts Festival, Cape may Arts Center, Ocean City N.J. Board Walk Art Show, as well as accommodations from the city of Philadelphia.

Armond Scavo Photography has been featured in “25 Best Tours for Getting to Know Philadelphia”

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  1. February 18, 2014

    “I attended a class at Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia today with Armond Scavo.

    It was a great experience; he mainly dealt with HDR techniques using bracketing shots, but he occasionally taught other aspects as well if we had questions or he thought there were things that could improve our shots. I edited all my photos from today and I must say I’m very satisfied. Thank you and Armond again for this great experience, and I hope to attend other classes of DPA again in the future.”

    -Solbi Choi

  2. February 18, 2014

    “Thank you very much. I had a good time, and learned so much from you today. I feel more comfortable with my camera, and know that I still have more to learn.”

    – Randy Weikel

  3. February 18, 2014

    “I really enjoyed your class – thanks for all your feedback. I saw you run a few more classes on your site – hopefully I can join you again sometime.”

    – Randy

  4. “I really enjoyed your class yesterday. I learned a lot about my camera and how to capture different scenes using the sunlight.

    I look foreward to taking anotherf class with you in the future. I have attached my 3 pictures to this email.”

    – Bill Taylor

  5. “Thanks for hooking me up! I really enjoyed the class, and learned new things. Plus, several hours in, I remembered that years ago I had seen and admired Armond’s work!”

    – Elaine Axelrod

  6. fisher
    June 13, 2014

    “I really enjoyed your class – thanks for all your feedback. I’ve edited and complied my favorites, incorporating some of your suggestions. I couldn’t decide between these 12, so I hope you don’t mind a couple extra. I’ve noticed you see things that I can’t quite put my finger on, so just choose your favorite 5-10 to comment on. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions! I put them up on a Flickr set, but let me know if you have trouble or would like the files. ”

  7. fisher
    June 19, 2014

    “Sunday past was Father’s Day and what better way to start it than with a DPA class!! I attended the Photo Session in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square with Armond Scarvo. Being taught by Armond was a real treat as he’s a highly accomplished photographer and a fantastic instructor. His knowledge of Philadelphia and the Rittenhouse Square was only surpassed by his knowledge of photography. Simply amazing!! I really liked Armond’s instruction style as he first made sure students were comfortable with the basics of their camera, and then following a brief discussion on composition, he turned everyone loose. I think a few students were uncomfortable with going out so quickly but that was the beauty of it. The process really challenged students to shoot things in a way that resonates with them, not the way their instructor or someone else does; and actually after 30 minutes everyone was clicking away. Throughout the day Armond gave students pointers on everything from lenses to HDR to framing techniques. I particularly appreciated his ability to address and challenge students at their respective level. One of the takeaways that he gave me was to move my eye around the edge of the viewfinder, to make sure that the composition only includes subject matter that aids in the story being conveyed. I’ve heard this before but Armond really brought it to light for me and I’ve been doing it consistently since. I also enjoyed this group of students. Although we were at various levels, there was a nice bonding that took place and I would suspect that some of us will get together again to shoot other parts of the city. At least I hope so… hint, hint guys!! Oh, Armond mentioned trying to get a DPA session for another part of the Philly area. If he succeeds, sign me up!! Thanks Armond!! ”

    -Gregory Clarke

  8. John DeWilde
    June 26, 2018

    “The workshop was great. Armond was excellent. He was able to explain some of the concepts I was having trouble with, and it made the workshop much better. I’ll be attending others as soon as I can.”

    -John DeWilde

  9. Richelle Gist
    July 1, 2019

    Thank you so much for a fabulous experience over the weekend! I learned so much and am excited to continue practicing. Brian purchased the Sony a6000 for me like we talked about, so I know it will be a bit easier to maneuver. Thanks again for everything!

  10. Robert Muzikar
    August 19, 2019

    Had fun with Armond.

    He is a gentleman and showed a lot of patience with the beginners.

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