Alex Garcia

Alex-Garcia-0Alex Garcia is a Chicago photographer whose twenty-year career has spanned several countries and continents. He has worked at two of the largest newspapers in the country, earning him international accolades for his work and leading HarperCollins to call him “one of the world’s best photojournalists.”

Garcia shares a team Pulitzer Prize for coverage of gridlock at O’Hare Airport. He also received a Golden Eye – 1st Place award from the World Press Photo contest in Amsterdam, the world’s most prestigious photography contest. Garcia has won Illinois Photographer of The Year from the Illinois Press Photographers Association. He has also won numerous national and state awards.

Because of this lighting experience, he has lectured widely, teaching workshops on creative location portraits and personal vision.

Among his book credits, Chicago photographer Alex Garcia was selected to participate in the largest professional photo book project ever undertaken “America 24/7”. He had three photos published from among the million photos submitted by more than 1000 participating photographers. He was also one of 125 photojournalists in the country chosen for the special book project “A Day in the Life of the U.S. Armed Forces”. He participated in the “America At Home”, a collaborative book project involving only 100 professional photographers among thousands of amateurs. Recently, he has been published in another coffee-table book called, “Chicago in Season”,that features many of his Chicago landscapes.

He maintains a photo blog of his work called “Assignment Chicago.” On Tuesdays, he offers advice on the art and craft of photography – even revealing photographs of his lighting set-ups from various shoots.

The photo advice found on this blog is currently reverse-published in his daily newspaper on a semi-weekly basis. In addition to his documentary work, one of his specialities has been creative portraits of national figures, celebrities and everyday people. A selection of this work can be found at his site.

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