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Williams Tower and Water Wall

When conjuring up images of Houston, many individuals who don’t know the city might not realize the myriad of photo ops that are available, from charming Victorian Homes and turn of the century stately architecture to modern concept parks and gleaming skyscrapers. There are beautiful spaces with lovely fountains, historic statues, great oak trees and colorful gardens. And the meandering river that snakes though the city offers photographic abstractions and classic scenes to capture. 

 But Scott Teven does know what Houston has to offer the photographer, and in fact, has made a life long tribute to the beauty and variety of the Bayou City. Join him on any or all of his 3 hour jaunts slated for a number of Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

During the day, this area is great for shutter speed exercises with the huge water wall as the content. Nice environmental portraits as well with people visiting and enjoying the space and spray of water. With the Galleria within walking distance there are also portraits to consider, with long lenses or close up, with discussion on the different factors that relate to each category. 

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