Lower Hudson Valley Fall Weekend-October 23rd-25th–$1350


Take This Weekend Class if You Want To:
Room and board at a charming property, originally built in 1828 and formally owned by the Dupont Dynasty

Work with a renowned landscape photographer who knows just about every pocket of spectacular scenery in the Hudson Valley

Learn table top and portrait photography at a fine restaurant and have a great meal as well

Learn the techniques of Long Exposure Starlight Photography

Get a perspective on the art of chasing light as well as the basics of a DSLR



October 23rd-25th–$1350
2.5 day event locales include,
Friday night meal plus optional Night Start shoot from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM by the 1st United Methodist Church on Liberty St. to add a dramatic church spire to the image


Saturday morning scenic Hudson River location 6:30 AM from DPA to arrive 6:50 AM
8:30 AM breakfast back at DPA
10:00 AM to 11:30 PM lecture on functions of cameras


12:00 PM to 3:00 PM Shoot it and Eat it at Historical North Plank Tavern
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM sunset shoot at scenic Hudson River location


6:30 AM head to scenic Hudson River location and arrive for Sunrise shoot at 7:00
8:30 AM breakfast at DPA
10:00 Greg’s lecture on how to turn a rotten apple into a golden fruit with the proper use of light 12:00 PM Algonquin Park of 1828 Gun Powder Silo and surrounding landscapes
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM for Photoshop lecture
Goodbye at 6PM



Greg Miller, (http://digitalphotoacademy.com/portfolio/greg-miller/), renowned landscape photographer and respected photo instructor, says, “It is not about the subject, it is about the light.” To that end Miller has been chasing the light of the Hudson Valley for quite some time and to show for it, he has thousands of spectacular images, each featured with the same glorious atmospheric conditions that brought international fame to the artists of the Hudson River School of Painting in the late 1800’s. That light is still here but it can be tricky. The weather report can project sunlight at a certain time at a certain point and when you set your camera up, the light is just not there. And a beautiful river scene goes dull if the light does not cooperate, so to deal with the unexpected, Miller has researched and photographed over 50 Hudson Valley locales that offer golden light. If one spot is not cooperating, just zip down the road a bit and work in another. A body of knowledge of where and when the light will appear has allowed Greg to put out 3 award winning landscape photography coffee table books. ( http://www.gregmillerphotography.com/#!/p/tuxedo-park-the-gif)

For his students, this means that when the light is not playing nice at Boscobel, skip down the road a mile to Constitution Marsh (Audubon Society). While nobody can unequivocally guarantee where the light will show itself, Miller knows its best hiding places and will likely find it. This 2.5 day workshop will get you and your camera to great sunrises and sunsets with light-filled in-betweens. The experience even includes a table top photo lesson and a delicious meal at The Historic North Plank Road Tavern, once managed by the Legs Diamond regime, now run by Tom Costa who makes food that tastes fantastic and will look equally tempting in the images you make. (The shoot will be set up at the same time you order your own meal and when you are done with the shoot, your own version of what you just photographed will be prepared by the chef for your consumption.)


The Historical North Plank Road Tavern’s proprietor, Tom Costa (Copyright Jill Enfield)


Jill Enfield


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