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Trinity Church

Trinity Church began its path to its current signature status destination in NYC back in 1696, first commissioned by King William III on May 6th, 1697. The annual rent was 60 bushels of wheat!

Take a quick look at some images of the exterior and interior to get a sense of its inspiration with anyone who enjoys taking photos. Your instructor will help you capture compelling images wheter inside working with sweet window light or outside to capture the rich vintage exterior in and of itself or in proximity of the modern skyscrapers which now surround it.

There will be plenty of time to also stroll through the adjacent cemetery, chancing upon the historical figures of American History, including Statesman, Alexander Hamilton, Steam Ship Inventor, Robert Fulton and many others. Then steps away, capture the hurried pace of the current residents busy living their Wall Street existence.

Learn to turn a snap shot into a portfolio worthy image with composition techniques such as layering, leading lines, Rule of Thirds and other easy to pick up strategies.

Tell a story with dozens of details from a statue, a flower box or a row of pews. Don’t forget the magestic ceiling.

Even without a camera, this photo workshop is a memorable experience.

Meet the group at the entrance to the church on 75 Broadway where it crosses Wall Street.

75 Broadway
New York, NY 10006