The Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum
The Samurai Collection

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The 2 story Saint Ann Building that houses the Samurai Collection, built in 1927, originally as Dallas’s first school for Hispanic children staffed by the Daughters of Charity, is a photo op in and of itself. The first floor includes a large patio and a majestic mural of “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” in the garden.

Once inside, the displays and interiors of almost 1000 objects showcase a myriad of exotic Japanese armor. These displays include helmets, masks, horse armor, weaponry and other accessories as well as a number of masterpieces and sculptures, the largest collection of its kind outside of Japan. Learn the art of composing objects with each other, separately or as backdrops for interesting portraits by posing your class mates in your image with the help of the DPA instructor.


2501 North Harwood St.
Harwood, Dallas, TX 75201

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