If getting great photographs and having fun in the process is important, join Russ Burden Nature Photography Tours on one of his trips. There’s nothing like being on a 7 or 10 day trip and totally forgetting what day of the week it is because you’re completely enveloped in your photography. Join Russ to experience what this feels like and lose yourself in photographic bliss.
I often hear photographers say they can’t afford a tour. I offer you this to contemplate. For you to intimately learn the locations where I go, it would take five to ten trips on your own. For the little bit extra you’ll spend coming with me, I just saved you tens of thousands of dollars. I now ask you – how can you not afford to join me? 
Many of you know the enthusiasm and passion for photography I bring to the table. If you don’t, make this the year for the experience of a lifetime. A large percentage of my tour participants are repeat customers. This alone should be enough to encourage you to see first hand why you should join one of my tours – thanks.
I look forward to having you join me on a tour.  Visit   www.russburdenphotography.com  for more information.