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Rockwood Conservation Area

The Rockwood Conservation Area surroundings might bring to mind the travels of a National Geographic photographer, with towering limestone cliffs, caves and glacial potholes, including one of the world’s largest, among other spectacular formations. Your photo instructor will advise you on capturing landscapes beyond a snapshot sensibility, with easy to learn composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, etc. Thanks to the Eramosa River on the site, you can also learn to capture reflections of shoreline scenery and add a romance to your photographs. It is an art that takes a bit of strategy, but again, easy to learn. Then there are the old world ruins, Harris Mill Ruins, that evoke a Stephen King novel or perhaps Ancient Rome itself, more than once used in noted film sets. Learn to create a perspective of architecture as well as the intrusions of a man-made component within a natural setting.

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