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Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery

To walk along North Main Street is to transport one’s self to former times of grand architecture and your Digital Photo Academy instructor will be there to advise on effective tips to best capture this row of magnificent structures. Create a timeless image that allows your viewer to imagine what transpired 200 years ago. Focus on the broad perspective but don’t forget the flourishes of charming details that pepper the historic setting

The meeting place will be at Peter Miller Fine Art gallery located at 118 North Main Street Providence RI, in the Russell House built in 1772 for brothers William and Joseph, the city’s wealthiest citizens from the success of their West Indies trading. The house was the second brick edifice and the first three-story structure in Providence. It stood on King Street (now North Main Street) near where a group of the Russell ships lay. The British blockade of the shipping lanes during the Revolutionary War brought financial ruin to the Russell brothers and the house was sold in 1798 to John Corliss. It was later raised one story and a ground floor inserted for the lobby of the Clarendon Hotel.

The building was purchased in 1920 by Joseph Blazer, a retail merchant in Providence. The original interiors were then were sold to several museums. Other rooms from the Russell House appear at the Brooklyn Museum, the Minneapolis Art Museum and the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design.

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118 N Main St

2nd Floor
Providence, RI 02903