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National Building Museum


The National Building Museum is America’s leading cultural institution devoted to the history and impact of the built environment.They focus on telling the story of a building — from an idea to its incarnation.

The museum is a perfect place to learn the art of architectural photography. After all, architects and engineers think similarly to photographers. In order to properly capture ornate details in spaces like the one above, the photographer must think like the person who designed it.

One of most visually compelling aspects to this space is its repetitive structures. The patterns of arches, columns, and designs create possibilities for interestingly fascinating photos if captured correctly.

Patterns are everywhere, from the reflective floors to the richly-colored brick steps between levels.

One of the simplest and most exciting techniques you will learn in this class is leading lines. Leading lines move the viewer’s eyes across an image with purpose, and can be made the most of quite easily. The above photo includes the parallel lines of the bricks and their perpendiculars — the horizontal lines of the stairs. The combination of the two can lead the viewers in mesmerizing circles. This picture also makes use of light to highlight another leading line — the glare on the steps. Light is one thing an architect pays attention to that photographers constantly work with. You will learn how to use the museum’s tricky combination of natural and artificial light to your best advantage.

This venue is perfect for students who want to learn to use the tips and techniques professional photographers (including your instructor) use everyday to create compelling images of fantastically beautiful architecture.

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