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McMenamins Kennedy School

The charming style of Art Deco architecture permeates the McMenamins Kennedy School, an array of historic structures in one Portland complex, originally built in 1915 as an Elementary School. This picture taking session, with photo ops indoors and out, will provide a rich opportunity to develop one’s skills for creative capture of architecture as well as flora, landscapes and panoramic vistas accessible from the covered promenades. And with a myriad of small and large rooms, each with design flourishes that allow one to capture the Art of the Detail, you can add a number of portfolio worthy images to your inventory. For example, your instructor will explain the composition technique known as Leading Lines, so you can come away with a compelling depiction of the grand arches along the walkways, the route traversed by youngsters from class to class 95 years ago. Your instructor will use the Rule of Thirds technique, to offer tips on portraits by the wading pond or ballroom interiors of the site. With patterns and artwork on the floors, walls and ceilings the possibility for colorful images is endless.

After the shoot, stop in at the The Courtyard Restaurant, a rooftop eatery on premises, and share your photos with the DPA instructor and the other attendees.

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