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Little Five Points-Vortex Bar and Grill

Little Five Points, also know as L5P or Little Five, is Atlanta’s center of counter-culture and home to many of the city’s older retailers, bars, restaurants, theater companies, and music venues. While Little Five had begun to fall into disrepair by the 1970’s, a movement to revitalize the area began as people started to move in to the cheap Victorian homes and restore them. By 1981, the Little Five Points Partnership was formed by local merchants in order to renovate, futher expanding the neighborhood.Mom might tell her babies not to play in Little 5 Points but it would be a shame for anyone to listen because this friendly neighborhood is ripe with outrageous murals of fantastic colors and scenes and there are dozens of locals who Jenn will show you how to approach for compelling, whimsical and intense environmental portraits. They don’t bite!!Whether the art of panning to catch a skateboarder gliding past a storefront painted to reflect an underworld fantasy, a friendly chap mugging with a couple of willing mannequins or a dude with a python, the players are there, ready and willing. Even the retail windows offer bizarre still lives for your lens and behind the storefronts are colorfully renovated homes to hone your skills in architectural photography.

Stop for an espresso or just catch the sidewalk patrons who are enjoying the energy and adding their own to Little 5 Points.

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