Liberty State Park

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Along the shores of the Hudson River lies Liberty State Park, a historic and charming New Jersey haven. Liberty State Park boasts an awe-inspiring view of the New York Harbor, sprawling greenery, and of course the notable Central Railroad of New Jersey train station and ferry terminal. In the early 1900s, the CRRNJ Train Station transported most of the immigrants from Ellis Island to other parts of New Jersey and even to Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Today the Railroad attracts locals and tourists alike to be witness to its history and beauty, and to stroll through Liberty State Park, taking in the sights that so many before us saw as their first sights of the United States.

In recent times the noteworthy and photogenic Vietnam Memorial has been built to add to the experience of visiting Liberty State Park. Capture a broad view of this pair of gleaming parallel silver walls with the historical scene in the background to create a photographic metaphor of then and now.

You will have the opportunity to photograph a wide variety of subjects in such a dynamic venue. In the CRRNJ Train Station, you will shoot the historic hall, with its modest windows and beautiful clock, and the sprawling train tracks and lengthy train cars, rusted over with time and wear. At Liberty State Park, you will photograph the majestic New York skyline, the tranquil Hudson River, and the green parks with its passerbys.

This is a wonderful opportunity to photograph landscapes and practice wide-angle photography, as well as experiment with zoom and abstraction.

In the field, you will work with a professional photographer to help improve your vision and technique. Learn new compositional strategies to transform your ideas into photographic realities and take the opportunity to ask your burning photography questions. Turn the train tracks into leading lines that pull your viewers’ eyes in a particular direction, discover new angles in old subjects, and manipulate your depth of field to highlight your subject and blur your background.

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