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Joe Overstreet

Joe Overstreet Road is 5.5 miles of mostly dirt, to a boat launch on Lake Kissimmee. On either side you will find a variety of photos ops, including farmland scenes with cows posing by the watering holes and gazing into your lens. There are birds on the ground and in flight, that provide an ideal opportunity to hone your skills of panning subject matter to create the sensation of movement. There is a great liklihood of capturing Bald Eagles, Whooping Cranes, Sandhill Cranes, Red-shouldered Hawks, Meadowlarks, Wild Turkeys and Crested Caracaras. Your instructor will demonstrate and speak about various photo composition techniques such as Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines and other strategies to create desired impressions in the final image. For example, an understanding of Depth of Field, allows the photographer to present a crystal clear image of the animal, flower, model, and simultaneously blur the background in a way that showcases the main subject. You will also have an opportunity to enhance your understanding of landscape photography in this natural setting.

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