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Heritage Park

Called “The Jewel of the City” by its inhabitants, Heritage Park provides a public space for families to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photographing flowers and plants will help teach you about depth of field.

Natural light can be difficult to shoot in because, as shown on the roof of the structure above, the interplay of shadow and light is much less constant. You will learn to take your camera off automatic, and adjust the settings yourself to create the lighting effects you want.

The idyllic scenery includes such picturesque buildings as a mill with a water wheel. Also, there is a lake with a covered bridge and fountain. Water is always an excellent element to experiment with in photography. Use a slow shutter speed to create the effect of smooth, velvety water, or use a more rapid shutter speed for an image of crisp, clear water droplets.

The park even includes the West Mound Church, shown above. This building dates back to the 1880s. Learn the best angles from which to take photos of architecture.

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