Downtown Tampa

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Juxtaposing the old with the new is an ideal motif in photography, and Downtown Tampa is filled with this timeless aesthetic. The towering glass condos make a modern city, while the old art deco give Tampa a sense of history and culture. The architecture of the  Downtown area has been nationally accredited, and will make a great spot for an outdoor photo-shoot. Your DPA Instructor will offer you the techniques to take well-composed and powerful images.

Tampa reads as a Floridian city from the northeastern art deco architecture and balmy atmosphere. However, it will take thoughtful composition to capture such an energy in your photographs. Be conscience of what you include in your frame, and where you place your subject. If done correctly, you could capture the Tampa culture, or anything else that catches your eye.

Smooth sided structures are able to cast back light magnificently, while their windows mirror the sky in a way that would be perfect for creating abstractions through your photos. Focus on a texture or a shape, and obscure the mundane.

There is plenty of photographic material in this exotic metro, this class will teach you how professionals frame their shots through the use of the classic principles of composition. These fundamentals such as the ‘Rule of Thirds’ and ‘Leading Lines’, are the basics for taking great photos.

Tampa Theatre
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