Storms may rage outside, but within the boundaries of the Detroit Eastern Market, summer lives on in the bright colors of seasonal produce and the largest bedding flower market in the world.

Learn which colors contrast most vividly with each other, and thus how to best capitalize on the vivid fresh fruits and vegetables.

The majority of the market is under a sturdy and architecturally interesting pavillion. Your instructor will teach you to capture the parallel lines and curves that create such an interesting and complex shape. Another of the topics that will be covered is the mix of natural and artificial light that combine to create a challenging photo shoot. You will learn which camera settings to use in different types of light.

The market provides countless opportunities for portraits of shoppers, vendors, and even street performers like the trumpet player above. Your instructor will demonstrate the delicate process of engaging a passer-by to photograph.

Learn to use compositional techniques to create a beautiful image from an everyday situation, like the one above, in which the photographer used leading lines. This is a compositional strategy, which guides the viewers eyes across an image. In this example, the long line of tables forces the viewer to jump from one table to the next, down the aisle. This gives the photo depth and adds complexity to what would be a simple picture.

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