Central Park Zoo

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The Central Park Zoo is the oldest zoo in New York City. It started as a menagerie in the 1860s, and today boasts a varied and interesting population of animals, ranging from the adorable to the majestic.

This photo of a Red Panda (obviously of the former group) is a perfect example of one of the techniques you will learn to use during this class — environmental portraiture.

It is easy to take a picture of an animal behind glaringly obvious fences or glass walls. It is much more difficult to make it seem as though these animals are in their natural habitats.

Of course, you will also learn other compositional tips and techniques, such as the rule of thirds, demonstrated above. These skills have been used since ancient times in all varieties of art, and will improve your photography regardless of the type of camera you are shooting with.

You will also learn the importance of leading lines, which, in this image, draw the viewers’ eyes from the bottom left to the top right. Learning to manipulate the way your audience sees your subject will make your photography miles better. Compositional techniques like this will add interpretation to your images.

Besides that, it will be a fun class spent learning tips you can apply to all kinds of photography, whether you are taking pictures of your neighbor’s dog or about to trek to Africa for a safari.

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