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Calvary Hill Cemetery


While not ordinarily used as a locale to practice photographic composition strategies, any cemetery allows a photographer a rich variety of images and a chance to develop a signature style. Cemeteries were often a subject of photographers in past centuries, both at funerals for remembrances provided to the survivors and subject matter during the world wide photographic movement referred to as Pictorialism.

Founded in 1926, the Calvary Hill Cemetery, holds the remains of over 37,000 resting in peace, each offering a touching story to capture with your camera. Using a leading lines composition strategy to show a mood-laden scene that achieves photographic poetry, you can tap into the human condition to which any viewer of your images will respond.

Calvary Hill offers landscape photo ops as well as a blend of man-made structures mixed in with Mother Nature. Use a Rule of Thirds composition for a photo tribute to any single individual or hone your close up shots on the ornate tombstones that proliferate on the grounds. There are many modest headstones but you also have the option of grand mausoleums.

Capture the interplay of shadows and light. Try black and white interpretations. The grass can be visually employed for a composition technique, manipulating the eye of the viewer to a particular grave site setting, carefully positioned within the frame of the image. Perhaps Aperture Priority can help you to share your story photographically with a focus on a bouquet against a sea of green and gravestones.

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