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Atlanta Underground


Before the Civil War the site where Underground Atlanta now sits, was the home of the major railroad of the south, that connected travel and industry with routes to every major U.S. city and town of the 19th Century. Atlanta was a major destination and in 1836, a series of 138 mile posts designated a railway built from Atlanta to Chattanooga, with the zero mile post located in what would eventually become the Underground Atlanta. Through 180 years of change, that zero mark post remains, as does the gas lamp on Peachtree and Lower Alabama Streets that survived the shelling that General William T. Sherman launched on the eve of the War Between the North And South.

Your instructor, with an eye for details will provide insights, tips and techniques that enable you to build a story of old and new. The antebellum details of the 5 block setting is a photo op in and of itself with decorative brickwork, cast iron pilasters, hand-carved wooden posts and grand marble archways that epitomized the original store fronts.

Simultaneously, this setting where Martin Luther Kings funeral procession traveled, has been transformed time and time again so there is that story to tell as well. Intermingled with the historic you will encounter the kitch and colorful displays of modern retail peppered in every direction. Or focus on the cast aside sense of the place to offer images that speak of the human condition. Reid will share the talent of approaching shoppers and others out and about, to offer compelling environmental portraiture, from shopkeepers and their wares to vibrant murals as backdrops for subjects.

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