A gem of the Jersey Shore, Asbury Park offers a myriad of photo ops from nostalgic architecture of the old world beach houses and hotels, to street musicians, outdoor cafes, colorful locals, vibrant painted wall murals and of course the inspirational Atlantic Ocean itself as well as the vintage cabanas lined up on the shore.

Your instructor will help you turn snapshots into portfolio worthy images with tried-and-true composition strategies such as Leading Lines, Rule of Thirds, Layering, Negative Space, concepts that might sound obscure but they are easy-to-learn and in fact, have been around since medieval painters used them to render a pleasing layout in their paintings. For photographers, understanding the camera controls allows your camera’s brain to transform what your own brain is inspired to shoot when amidst an appealing 3 dimensional scene of reality.

There will be lessons on panning to capture motion of a bicyclist or skateboarder along the boardwalk. The colorfully painted wall murals offer photos in and of themselves but they are also great backdrops for portraits, either of your co-workshop participants or even better, locals passing by. Some will flatly reject your photo overture but others will be enamored and happily comply. Your instructor will help you develop the art of approaching potential models who you encounter. It is fun.

Properly depicting sunlight reflecting against the ocean is easy once you learn to control the Shutter Speed on your camera so you don’t get a burnt out result. With Aperture Priority you can focus on a single flower and blur the background to create an impressionistic image worthy of printing and framing or submitting to local and online photo contests.

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The group will meet outside The Asbury Park Roastery at 1300 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712.