A Weekend Photo Workshop at Everglades National Park


Male Anhinga in breeding plumage Anhinga anhinga        Everglades National Park


Being in the right place during the breeding season, and knowing the limits of the subjects social distance, makes all the difference!


We begin our photography session on Friday afternoon at the Royal Palm Visitor Center’s Anhinga Trail. Catch a sunset across the flat fields of the Everglades. Supper will be followed by a slide lecture on bird photography. Saturday is an event packed day with short hikes into the Everglades and a possible boat ride into the mangroves to photograph wildlife (including an American Crocodile), and back to Florida City for the night. Sunday starts with a sunrise shoot back at the Anhinga Trail. Other stops may include a few hours at Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Green Cay, and/or other sites pending reports.


The necessary equipment for this trip (in addition to the normal photo bag) is a sturdy tripod and a lens of at least 300mm focal length (the longer the better, of course).


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