A Smaller Sit-Down Learn Your Camera Controls Including Practice Shoot Inside Pre In-The-Field Shoot-$50 At Little Stony Point


The main event of an In-The-Field shoot will rotate each month, always a scenic setting that will inspire the photographer in you. The Hudson Valley is rich with these photo ops and your instructor will be on hand so you can leave with great results of the locale, whether a pristinely preserved old mill complete with circular water paddles still in operation, crashing or trickling waterfalls, charming buildings that were built in past centuries and everything in between.

This pre-course is smaller and allows you to sit down with your camera so the instructor can take you through Aperture Control, Shutter Speed Control, and all the other functions so you need not rely on the “automatic” settings that don’t always allow the latitude in creating photo effects when compared to shooting in the “manual” mode.


After bringing you through your camera controls, feature by feature, the instructor will next oversee your progress with an actual practice still life shoot in the house, or maybe a sleeping cat. You will practice in different lighting situations found in the DPA Headquarters, by a large window, in a darker room or even just outside on the covered porch. You might think about this pre-session as a reinforcement to get more comfortable with your camera before going on to the actual in-the-field photo op of the day, where you will have a chance to photograph a scene that you will want to print and put on your wall or include in your best portfolio or website.

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