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249 A Street Artists Cooperative

Your Digital Photo Academy instructor, Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, is not only an accomplished travel and commercial photographer, but she is a practicing fine art photographer with a studio at the highly respected 249 A Street Artists, a 100+ year wool factory in Fort Point, now a home to over 40 artists. The entire neighborhood, where over 300 artists now live, is now rich with colorful locals and hipsters of every kind as well as charming cafe’s and galleries.

So for this workshop Sylvia is inviting you to meet her in her studio for a lecture on creating successful portraits but from there she will lead a workshop throughout this centuries old studio building where you are likely to chance upon other artists at work. This might include sculptors, painters, videographers, photographers, jewelers, potters and more, each offering a rich environmental portrait. The workshop will also allow you to venture outside and capture dynamic street scenes of the buildings, as well as the interesting locals you will undoubtedly encounter. Your DPA instructor is an expert on engaging strangers so you will watch as she approaches potential posers for your camera.

You will get tips, demonstrations and technical details on natural indoor lighting, close-up portraiture, group shots, working with nearby art work and other props. Outdoors you will learn the art of Leading Lines, Negative Space, Rule of Thirds, Layering and more to create dynamic images that tell a story about your subject, a person, a place or both.

With some quick advice it is easy to observe a more flattering pose, backdrop, nearby item, when photographing a person or persons, so the final result is one that is a keeper. The tips can also work when someone is photographing you as well.  All of this helps to turn a snapshot into a compelling environmental portrait.

You will meet in the lobby of 249 A Street in Fort Point.

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249 A Street in Fort Point.

Boston, MA 02210